YoYoFriends Dove Yo-Yo

$49.95 AUD


Brand YoYoFriends

YoYoFriends have released their second plastic (Delrim/POM) yoyo - the Dove! 

From the suggestion of Owen Titus (YoYoFriends team member) for a new plastic yoyo, the Dove was born!

Delrin is a machined plastic that is plays like a metal yoyo, but still has that soft feel that you get when playing with a plastic yoyo.  The Dove features an aluminium hub for fingerspinning, and also has big chunky rims for added weight distribution for a powerful throw.

The Dove plays quick due to its lower weight, so get those string tricks ready, as the Dove is ready to take flight!

YoYo Diameter 56.22mm
YoYo Width 45.88mm
YoYo Weight 64.6 grams
YoYo Material Plastic (Delrin/POM)
YoYo Bearing Center Trac Bearing
YoYo Response Slim (OD 19mm)
NOTE: This yoyo is UNRESPONSIVE! It requires a special BIND RETURN move to get it to come back to your hand. Read our FAQ for more information.