Are your yoyos toys?

No, they are not toys.  They are pieces of sporting equipment as they are intended to be used for intricate tricks and moves that require skill and coordination.  If you want to buy a toy yoyo, then you should go buy a cheap one from a department store.

Since our yoyos are not toys, buy sporting equipment, they do require skill and coordination to use them so we recommend they are only used for ages 8+.  For some models (mainly the more advanced metal ones), we recommend that they are only used by ages 14+.

Do you have a physical store?

YoYo Shop is 100% online and based in Australia. Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer pick up.

What are your office hours?

We are in the office Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM AEST.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

See our shipping page for more information.

Tracking says "Delivered", but I have not received anything?

If you have tracked your parcel via the Australia Post website, and it says that your parcel has been Delivered, but you have not received your parcel, you will need to contact Australia Post to determine where you parcel is.

Unfortunately, once Australia Post has marked the parcel as Delivered, the receiver of the parcel (ie. you), must ring Australia Post and ask them to investigate where the parcel has gone. Once marked as delivered, the sender (ie. us) is not permitted to contact Australia Post - it must be done by the receiver. You can contact Australia Post on 13 76 78.

When your parcel has been marked as Delivered, but you do not know where it is, sometimes the delivery person has left the parcel in a hidden place at your house. In other (rarer) cases, your parcel may have been taken/stolen from where it was left. In either case, unfortunately there is nothing we as sellers can do. We also find that when parcels are sent to workplaces, they are much more likely to be misplaced somewhere in the workplace itself. Please ask around your workplace, as it may be waiting somewhere for you to collect it.

We strongly suggest that you pay a small amount extra on your order to add the signature on delivery option to your order. This will mean that your parcel will only be left at your house if you sign for it. If you are not there, a card will be left, and you will have to pick up your parcel from the local post office.

If this situation occurs, there will be no refunds because as far as we can see (from the Australia Post Tracking) the parcel has been delivered.  In this situation please contact Australia Post and they will try to find the missing parcel.

What happens if my parcel gets lost?

If your order does not arrive in a reasonable time, contact us on our contact page, and we'll get in touch with Australia Post to see if they can find it.  This process can take up to 10 business days, but is usually quicker.

If Australia Post cannot find your package, we will ONLY refund/resend IF you have chosen insurance as a shipping option when you check out.  If you do NOT choose insurance, we are unfortunately unable to help you further

The lesson here is - always add Insurance to your order!

Do all YoYo Shop yoyos come with string?

Yes! All our yoyos come with at least one string either attached or in the box - some come with spares too. We take photos of yo-yos without the string attached purely for aesthetic reasons.

What is a yo-yo bind return?

The majority of yoyos these days are unresponsive and require a yo-yo bind to return to your hand.  Unresponsive yoyos are a more advanced and modern style of play, suitable for more experienced yoyo players! We try to specify if a yoyo is unresponsive or not, but if you are not sure, please contact us before purchasing to ensure you are getting the right yoyo for you!  Please view the following video for a detailed explanation on how to perform a bind return:


Why is my unresponsive yoyo now responsive?

This is a very common question! Sometimes when you get your unresponsive YoYo home, you start playing with it and all is good, and then a few days later it suddenly becomes responsive and does not sleep for very long at all.

When you purchase a new YoYo it is highly likely that the bearing will have some factory lube inside it – this is applied to ensure the bearing does not degrade over time while its sitting there in its box not being used. Some bearings do come dry (ie. no lube) from the factory, but most will have some form of lube. This lube may be the cause of your issues. The solution is to clean your bearing to remove this factory lube. You can find instructions for cleaning your YoYo on YoYoNation's great video, How to Clean a Yo-Yo Bearing. If you are going to clean your bearing, it is always best to apply a tiny amount of fresh YoYo lube (thin, unresponsive) to the bearing afterwards - usually I just put a tiny drop on the end of a pin and drop it on the side of the bearing.

Remember, only adults should perform the cleaning process as it involves flammable liquids! Oh, and in the video they mention using Mineral Spirits / White Spirits to clean the bearing - in Australia we call this Mineral Turpentine (or just Turps), and you can buy this from most supermarkets or hardware stores!).

If you do not wish to clean your bearing, there is another train of thought that states that each bearing will have a “breaking-in” period of time where you need to play with your YoYo for a few hours/days/weeks (whatever it takes) to get the bearing running smoothly. What you’re actually doing is breaking down some of the factory lube that is inside the bearing. So, you can just keep (carefully) trying to throw long sleepers, and see whether this improves the bearing's performance.

Other things that could make your unresponsive yoyo be more responsive include:

  • Old String - your string may be frayed and causing issues with your YoYo's response system - try putting on a new string and see if that helps.
  • Knotted String - sometimes if you do not land certain string tricks correctly it may cause the YoYo string to loop around the bearing and cause a knot. This can cause your YoYo to be more responsive. To see if this is your problem, open up the halves of your YoYo and make sure there is only one loop of YoYo string around the bearing.
  • Worn or Incorrectly Seated Response Pads - if your response pads are not sitting correctly in their slot, or are worn/broken, this may cause your YoYo to be too responsive. Open up your YoYo and carefully inspect the response pads to ensure they are sitting correctly.
  • String Fragments Caught Under Bearing - some YoYos are prone to getting pieces of old YoYo thread stuck under the bearing seat. I've seen this on a YoYoFactory Grind Machine recently. This was causing the YoYo to be responsive. To check if this is a problem, open up your YoYo, remove the bearing from its seat and ensure there is no foreign matter / old string fragments under the bearing.
  • Bearing Needs Lube - after a bearing has been used for a while, it can sometimes get noisy, which is caused by the friction inside the bearing.  Sometimes this is because the bearing is a bit dirty, but othertimes it may just need a drop of (thin, unresponsive) yoyo lube.
  • Defective Bearing - your YoYo bearing may unfortunately just be a dud! Take the bearing out of your YoYo, put it on the end of a pencil or pen (whatever fits), and try spinning it with your fingers. It should spin for at least 5 seconds, usually a bit more. If it stops straight away, then your bearing is probably defective and should be returned to us.

If you've tried all of the above, and your YoYo is still way too responsive (remember to give it a good period of break-in time), then contact us and we will help you out.  Good luck!

What's with YoYo Yo?

YoYo Shop Australia was originally run by Jon and Toby until a couple of years ago, when the original owners wanted to go a different direction. They contacted us (the owners of in Australia) and asked if we wanted to take over.   We jumped at the chance, as YoYo Shop has a great history here in Australia, so we wanted to keep that going! (How many companies have put a yoyo into space!)

We had a great relationship with Toby for years before this, so he trusted us to keep their hard-work going and to take YoYo Shop onto bigger and better things! 

YoYo Shop is dedicated to bringing you the most popular yoyo brands! We focus on popular brands such as YoYoFactory, Yomega and Duncan! For a wider range of more obscure and less-known brands, check out our sister-site,!

We decided to keep both shops running in parallel, as they have their own unique look and feel, and showcase a different range of yoyos.  They are both run on individual shopping platforms, so that if one goes down, the other should still be up! (that's our hope anyway!).