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YoYoFactory Space Cowboy Yo-Yo

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Brand YoYoFactory

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The brand new signature model of YoYoFactory Professional Tyler Severence is finally here. The Space Cowboy yoyo is the first worldwide YoYoFactory release to feature an all new bi-metal design offering an aluminum body with stainless steel rims. Every single Space Cowboy yo-yo box is autographed by Tyler and each yo-yo is built to his preferences with a stock Center Trac bearing and CBC Natural Pads. Lastly, each Space Cowboy is packaged with two temporary tattoos, one of each Space Cowboy logo.

Important: this is an unresponsive modern performance yo-yo. Unlike classic yo-yos, unresponsive yo-yos do not come back with a simple tug of the string. You need to perform a trick called a "bind" to create enough friction inside the yo-yo to make it return smoothly to your hand. Learn more.


Weight (g): 66.2
Diameter (mm): 55.7
Width (mm): 43.4
Bearing Size: CBC Center Trac Bearing
Response: CBC Pad (Large Slim)
Bind: Yes