YoYoFactory Response Pads

$4.95 AUD


Brand YoYoFactory

YoYoFactory Response pads are what makes your YoYoFactory Yo-Yo play smooth on the string, and come back to your hand when you want it to.

These specially formulated pads come a a variety of colors. Each color possesses different play characteristics that make it better suited to different play styles. Whether you’re looking for a pad that has virtually no “break in” time (red) or you’re looking for something long lasting (natural), we’ve got the pads for you! Just check out the chart and find what you’re looking for.

Can’t make up your mind? Try the assorted pack. It comes with a set of each (and 2 sets of the standard white pads)!

WHiP and Grind Machine owners: there are special “wide” pads made specifically for your models. They are made of the White material which will give you a good, smooth play with a nice, long life.