YoYoFactory Performance Oils / Lube

$10.95 AUD

Brand YoYoFactory

YoYoFactory's Performance Oil is available in two viscosities to better suit your individual playing style.

Type 1 – Long Spin

The Long Spin variant is a low viscosity oil that is designed to maintain your modern unresponsive yo-yo. If used regularly YoYoFactory’s Long Spin Performance Oil can increase the life of your bearing and ensure your bearing is performing at its best.

Type 2 – Loop / Response

The Loop Response variant is a high viscosity oil designed to make your yo-yo more responsive and is the best option of looping yo-yos and tricks.

When lubricating your bearing please ensure that you use a very small amount (1 – 2 small drops). Immediately after application you may notice that your yo-yo has slowed down slightly – this effect will lessen with use as the oil properly saturates the bearing.