YoYoFactory Overthrow Yo-Yo

$64.95 AUD


Brand YoYoFactory

Break off the shackles of Metal yo-yos and throw your own way!

The OVERTHROW is inspired by a great era in yo-yo design where yoyos were big powerful and loaded with rim weight. Before everything was metal yo-yos actually had more rim weight.

The Overthrow features more than 50% of its total weight in the Aluminum rims which are connected to the hub by a thin wall of ultra strong polycarbonate. Once in the middle a solid metal core sets up the precision and creates ultimately a very durable yo-yo.

Super fun!

YoYo Diameter 60 mm
YoYo Width 50.5 mm
YoYo Weight 63.5 grams
YoYo Material Plastic with Aluminium Rims
YoYo Bearing Size C Large
YoYo Response YYF CBC 19mm OD Pads
NOTE: This yoyo is UNRESPONSIVE! It requires a special BIND RETURN move to get it to come back to your hand. Read our FAQ for more information.