YoYoFactory Loop 2020 Yo-Yo

$34.95 AUD

Brand YoYoFactory

The latest high-end looper from YoYoFactory is here - the Loop 2020!

The Loop 2020 is 2A World Champion Shu Takada's new signature looping yoyo which he used to win the worlds with!

This yoyo was built to have interchangeable parts so you can tune the yoyo to have the perfect response for your type of play.  Everything is adjustable!  Weight, response, speed and spin time!

The default settings of the yoyo out of the box use the #2 axle, #2 starburst and the white spacers.  These provide you with a good balance between responsive looping and long sleeps.  NOTE: extra axles/starburst/etc are not included in the pack.

The pack includes a key to allow you to get at the yoyo internals!

The latest and greatest looper is here and now!

YoYo Diameter 58.63 mm
YoYo Width 33.6 mm
YoYo Weight 52.1 grams
YoYo Material Plastic
YoYo Bearing Size K
YoYo Response Starburst