YoYoFactory Legend Wing Yo-Yo

$19.95 AUD

Brand YoYoFactory

YoYoFactory is about more than modern technology, we also believe in the story and the history of yoyo. The original Legend yoyo offered a genuine experience of what yoyos were like back in the day. Today, we are releasing the Legend Wing, a classic-style, one-piece, wooden yoyo with a modern wing profile. This new version of the Legend maintains the classic play style, but allows for easier string catches.

NOTE: this yoyo should be considered as a collection's item, as you will not get the same level of play as a modern yoyo!  It is still great fun though!

YoYo Diameter 57.00 mm
YoYo Width 35.00 mm
YoYo Weight 43.5 grams
YoYo Material Wooden
YoYo Bearing Wooden Fixed Axle
YoYo Response None


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