YoYoFactory Flight (Offstring) Yo-Yo

$39.95 AUD


Brand YoYoFactory

YoYoFactory has entered the world of Offstring with their first off-string model, the Flight!

The Flight is not only is the one of the most durable off-string yo-yos on the market, but its modern design makes regen tricks, whip catches, and even thumb grinds even easier than before!

The responsive of off-string yoyos are very important, and that's where the Flight excels!  It provides just the right balance between minimal string loss and ease of returning to make it perfect for offstring play!

Ready for off-string?  If you are, then get the Flight is ready for takeoff!

YoYo Diameter 75.64mm
YoYo Width 57.70mm
YoYo Weight 81.30 grams
YoYo Material Plastic
YoYo Bearing CBC Large (Size C)
YoYo Response CBC Large Slim Pads (19mm OD)