YoYoFactory EDGE Beyond Bi-Metal Yo-Yo

$164.95 AUD

Brand YoYoFactory

Evan Nagao’s Yo-Yo Masterpiece. Crafted. Not made.

Precision machined body paired with the largest steel rims ever to be attached to a yo-yo. Take whatever anyone else is doing and go BEYOND.

This is more.

The Steel rims are so massive they form a large percentage of the yo-yo body.

The performance speaks for itself, with Evan winning the World YoYo Contest in its debut on stage.

YoYo Diameter 53.38 mm
YoYo Width 47.01 mm
YoYo Weight 64.8 grams
YoYo Material 6061 Aluminium with Stainless Steel Rims
YoYo Bearing Size C Center Trac
YoYo Response YYF CBC 19mm OD Pads (White or Yellow)
NOTE: This yoyo is UNRESPONSIVE! It requires a special BIND RETURN move to get it to come back to your hand. Read our FAQ for more information.