YoYoFactory CBC Center Trac and CTX Yo-Yo Bearings (SIZE C)

$13.95 AUD

Brand YoYoFactory

The YoYoFactory CBC Center Trac upgrade bearing will take any large ball bearing yo-yo to a whole new level. This center grooved bearing is designed to keep the string centered on the bearing of the yo-yo in order to maximize spin times. 

We are also excited to have the new CTX bearing, in the “Large” size. The CTX takes the popular Center Trac shape and combines it with an extremely smooth, precise configuration. These bearings come with a small about of very light lubricant for quieter play. You may notice a bit more responsive play when you first install this upgrade, but with some play the bearing will “break in” and play perfectly. 

These are both standard, full-width, unresponsive, Size C bearings that will fit any yoyo that requires a Size C full-width bearing.