YoYo Shop Finger Tape Roll

$9.95 AUD


Brand YoYo Shop

This finger wrap / tape is great for protecting your middle finger where the yoyo string wraps around.  If you are new to yoyoing, or just play a lot, you will soon find out that the skin on your finger can take a bit of a bashing!  Use this finger tape to help protect your finger, so you can play for longer!

The finger tape is made of a soft, elastic material that contains no adhesive - it only sticks to itself!  This tape is 5cm wide, so should fit any finger.  You could even cut the tape in half if you have small fingers - and it will last twice as long!

Each tape is approximately, 2 metres long (unstretched).  All you need to do is carefully cut the length you desire (approximately10 cm).    The tape is reusable, but will lose it's ability to stick after a while.  This is not too much of a problem as the yoyo loop actually holds it in place anyway.