Vosun EZSPiN No 4

$44.95 AUD

Brand Vosun

The fourth iteration of Vosun's great EZSPiN yoyo is here - EZSPiN No 4!

The latest version has been improved in a few subtle ways, such as the more obvious stepping of the yoyo shape, instead of the previous smooth curves. 

EZSPiN No 4 has a slightly smaller diameter, but is slightly wider, giving it better weight distribution out towards to the rims. 

It is also slightly lighter providing a quicker yoyo to play with!

The EZSPiN No4 is available in brand new colours, so choose your favourite and give it a spin!

YoYo Diameter 56.5 mm
YoYo Width 45 mm
YoYo Weight 64.5 grams
YoYo Material Metal
YoYo Bearing Size C Concave
YoYo Response Standard CBC Pad large slim (19mm OD)


NOTE: This yoyo is UNRESPONSIVE! It requires a special BIND RETURN move to get it to come back to your hand. Read our FAQ for more information.