Top Yo FROZEN (Bi-Metal) Yo-Yo

$194.95 AUD

Brand Top Yo

The FROZEN is Top Yo's brand new concept design - Bimetal yoyo with hollow structure!  You haven't seen anything like this before - and it looks (and plays) wicked!

From the manufacturers:

It is not the first yoyo design use hollow structure, but I believe this is the most reasonable plan by far.

We used CNC milling machine to produce a beautiful hexagram pattern.

And we put a clear poly cap to prevent the hollow area rubbing the string and maintain the visual effect.

So it balances functionality and aesthetics.

FROZEN is design by EXPECTmake, founded by Auldey yoyo designer Renjie Lv.

The Frozen is made from 7003 aluminium, steel rims and a clear polycarbonate string shield!  It really looks fantastic!

Only 100 pieces were made, so this is a VERY LIMITED EDITION!

YoYo Diameter 56.8 mm
YoYo Width 43.3 mm
YoYo Weight 64.8 grams
YoYo Material 7003 Aluminium + Stainless Steel Rims
YoYo Bearing Size C Bearing
YoYo Response 19mm OD Slim Pads