Spinworthy Harbinger 2

$49.95 AUD
NOTE: all our yoyos and products are at least for ages 8+ Years (some are 14+ years!) - see top of product description for age rating!


This is version 2 of the Harbinger and is much improved over the original release in every way. The production process has been completely overhauled and every aspect of the design has important changes to greatly improve both performance and durability.

Version 2 has a larger diameter for increased spin time and the inner wall and recesses have been tuned for powerful regenerations and reliable response. The axle diameter has been increased from 6mm to 7mm and is hand turned from the same wood as the body of the yoyo. This dramatically increases its durability and gives each Harbinger unique response characteristics depending on the species of wood you choose. The axle is not fitted right through the body, giving the faces of the yoyo a cleaner look enhanced by the simple Spinworthy initials engraved into one side. The finish has changed to a natural, food safe blend of citrus and tung oils giving it a smooth satin look and feel.

No aspect of the Harbinger has remained unchanged from the original and the new model is the result of much consideration, testing and fine-tuning. The result is fixed axle yoyo that boasts superior performance for modern fixed axle tricks and old favourites alike.

There a four species of wood to choose from; American walnut, American hickory, sheoak and purpleheart. Each offer a different feel and aesthetic.

American Hickory

Purple Heart

American Walnut

Australian Sheoak


Each Harbinger is carefully hand turned in Australia.

Check out bandalores on instagram for some great tutorials on fixed axle tricks by some of the best in the game! https://www.instagram.com/bandalores/

Please note: the Harbinger is NOT designed to be taken apart. Attempting to do so will either cause the halves to come loose or damage/snap the axle. If you do get a knot near the axle, use a safety pin or any thin long needle to hook the knot and remove it.

CAUTION WELL! The finish on the yoyo is a natural blend of citrus and tung nut oils. Please take caution if you have severe nut allergies.

Any type of string may be used, but polyester strings will wear faster than cotton or 50/50 string. It's vital to regularly check string wear near the axle of the yoyo.

YoYo Diameter 59mm (approx)
YoYo Width 33mm (approx)
YoYo Weight Varies (see dropdown choices)
YoYo Material Wooden (Various)
YoYo Bearing Wooden Fixed Axle
YoYo Response Dimples