Spinworthy Bloodcell

$69.95 AUD
NOTE: all our yoyos and products are at least for ages 8+ Years (some are 14+ years!) - see top of product description for age rating!


Glen from Spinworthy was looking to make something more ergonomic than his sharper designs such as the Harbinger and the KNack, and the inspiration was found when he saw red blood cells in a medical picture. He could tell right away that the shape would make a very comfortable fixed axle yoyo design. The result was better than imagined.

The Bloodcell is designed for comfort and top-notch all round 0A performance. The subtle dimples on the faces enable smooth pull-start functionality whether pulling up or down. If you have extreme determination, finger-spins are also possible!

Every element of your 0A tricks and routines are executed smoothly and with ease with the Bloodcell. Just try putting it down.

What is '0A'? Haven't you heard? It's one of the coolest and fastest emerging yoyo disciplines today. Get onboard!

Check out @bandalores on Instagram to see and learn the utter awesomeness of 0A from Kyle Nations, Ed Haponic, Drew Tetz and Doc Popular! What a trip of GOATs!

If you are new to modern fixed axle yoyoing, begin by checking out the tutorial videos in the link below from one of the founders of modern fixed axle play; Ed Haponik.

Click here to view the list of Ed Haponik's fixed axle tutorials!

Please note, the Bloodcell is NOT designed to be taken apart. Attempting to do so will either cause the halves to come loose or damage/snap the axle. If you do get a knot near the axle, use a safety pin or any thin long needle to hook the knot and remove it.

Any type of string may be used, but polyester strings will wear faster than cotton or 50/50 string. It's vital to regularly check string wear near the axle of the yoyo.

YoYo Diameter 58mm (approx)
YoYo Width 35mm (approx)
YoYo Weight Varies (see dropdown choices)
YoYo Material Wooden (Maple or Zebrawood)
YoYo Bearing Wooden Fixed Axle
YoYo Response Dimples