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Magic YoYo Aurora (Light Up)

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Brand Magic YoYo

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Magic YoYo AURORA Aluminium (Light Up)

Magic YoYo have brought our their first full-metal, alumium light-up yoyo - the Aurora!

With a fairly simple shape, but one that feels so smooth to play with, and a weight that is just right (65 grams), the Aurora is a great little yoyo... and that's even BEFORE we talk about the cool, light up feature!

Instead of attempting to hide the light-up circuitry with semi-translucent caps, Magic YoYo have decided to showcase the circuitry with super-clear caps, resulting in a surprising cool look!

The yoyo comes with batteries installed. The pack also contains a small allen key which allows you to remove the plastic side cap (by removing the axle and pushing the allen key from the inside of the yoyo).


YoYo Diameter 56.5 mm
YoYo Width 42.5 mm
YoYo Weight 65 grams
YoYo Material Aluminium 6061 with plastic caps
YoYo Bearing Size C (Centering)
YoYo Response Standard 19mm Slim Pad
NOTE: This yoyo is UNRESPONSIVE! It requires a special BIND RETURN move to get it to come back to your hand. Read our FAQ for more information.

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