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Magic YoYo 8-Ball Center Trac Bearing Size C

$9.95 AUD

Brand Magic YoYo

The Magic YoYo 8-Ball Center Trac bearing is the best of the Magic YoYo bearings. These bearings feature a flat surface with raised edges, and are based on the YoYoFactory Center Trac bearing design. This bearing will fit any YoYo that uses a C-Size bearing. This bearing is a shielded bearing, which helps to keep out dirt and grit.

The design of this Center Trac bearing is great, as it centres the YoYo string on the bearing, keeping the string away from your YoYo's response system. This allows for a longer spin time and a noticeably smoother play experience! The Center Trac design is slightly different to the Concave design, as the majority of the bearing surface is flat. If you love concave bearings, then try one of these Center Trac bearings to see how different they play!

These bearings are a standard Size C to suit most modern large-bearing YoYos. Please check the specs of each YoYo to see what size bearing a particular YoYo takes (if you are unsure sent us a message and we'll figure it out for you).