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Eagle String BEAK FIT Carbon Fibre / Poly Pro String 10-Pack

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Brand Eagle Strings

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Eagle Beak strings are made from polyester and super-strong carbon fibre! The carbon fibre component makes the strings less prone to stretching and lengthening, and they are strong enough to provide you with the same grabbing force an eagle has when holding its pray!

All Eagle strings are made for experienced players that demand the best! These are premium, high quality strings, made to exacting specifications from top-quality materials. You will find it hard finding better string than this!

The Eagle Beak FIT string is a 1.66mm wide, high-torsion string, for extremely fast yoyo play! Each string is SUPER LONG (about 160cm!), without finger loops, so you can cut it down to your preferred size!

In this pack you will get 10 Strings.