Duncan Wheels Yo-Yo

$18.95 AUD

Brand Duncan

A classic wide/flared shape design, the Duncan Wheels YoYo rolls down the street as a great yo-yo for beginners learning basic string tricks. Featuring cool wheel style hubcaps, Wheels has been a classic since the 1970s. Wheels is made of durable plastic, features a steel axle and wide string gap, and is available in 5 unique hub cap designs!!

This is the NEW 2016 model - it is much lighter now for snappy play, and now with a plastic transaxle for easier returns!

NOTE: you can choose the colour, but the wheel design you receive can be any of the three designs!

YoYo Diameter 55.93mm
YoYo Width 36.68mm
YoYo Weight 49.6 grams
YoYo Material Plastic
YoYo Bearing Plastic Transaxle
YoYo Response Starburst