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Duncan Flipside Yo-Yo

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Brand Duncan

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Introducing the all new Duncan Flipside™! The Flipside features a patent pending ball-bearing spacer system that allows yo-yo players to use either a small OR large ball-bearing in a single model! That means it's great for both beginners who can't bind yet using the small bearing, and  intermediate/advanced players using the bigger bearing!

Based on the original specs of the popular Freehand Zero™, the Flipside features a modern profile with SG Sticker™ response for unresponsive play. Throw in the included KonKave bearing and you'll be throwing one OF THE best plastic yo-yos ON THE market!

EACH Flipside includes BOTH a large KonKave ball-bearing AND a small ball-bearing. 

YoYo Diameter 56.85 mm
YoYo Width 39.00 mm
YoYo Weight 64.1 grams
YoYo Material Plastic
YoYo Bearing Size C (Dif-e-Yo Konkave) ANDSize A (Duncan)
YoYo Response Standard Slim Pad 19mm OD