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Basecamp Sherpa Yo-Yo

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Brand Basecamp

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The Basecamp Sherpa is the ultimate evolution of modern responsive yoyo play. A hollow  (yes, that's right, it's hollow!) aluminum yoyo with aluminum caps, the Sherpa feels unlike anything that has ever been produced!

With a blasted finish, amazing artwork, a comfortable slimline butterfly shape (and even dimples for fingerspins for the truly adventurous) the Sherpa is ready for you to take responsive yoyo play to the next level. 

And as an added extra, the Sherpa comes with both responsive (thin) and unresponsive (full-size) bearings and axles so you can experiment with both styles of play.

Experience the feel of hollow yoyo playing - you will be amazed at how different it feels!

YoYo Diameter 58.04 mm
YoYo Width 35.93 mm
YoYo Weight 64.4 grams
YoYo Material Aluminium (6061)
YoYo Bearing Half-Spec + extra Full -Spec bearing for unresponsive play
YoYo Response Slim 19mm Standard