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Basecamp Expedition / Jackknife / Moonshine Yo-Yo Set

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Brand Basecamp

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Wow, this is something special!

In this set you will get ALL THREE of the first release Basecamp yoyos - the Expedition, the Jackknife, and the elusive Moonshine!  The Moonshine is ONLY available in this three-yoyo set!

The Moonshine yoyo is about having fun, and it’s hard to jam more fun in a yoyo than in the Moonshine. A modern classic, the Moonshine ships with both a half spec and a full spec bearing for versatile play options. The perfect pocket yoyo.

NOTE: click the links above to see the images and specs for both the Expedition and the Jackknife yoyos.

YoYo Diameter 56.38mm
YoYo Width 32.33mm
YoYo Weight 61 grams
YoYo Material Aluminium
YoYo Bearing CBC Large Half and Full (Size C)
YoYo Response CLYW Original Pad Size