Yomega Power Brain XP Yo-Yo

$28.95 AUD


Brand Yomega

The Yomega Power Brain XP yoyo is two high performance yo-yos in one! Designed for both beginner and intermediate play, this yo-yo uses a “Smart Switch” to enable the player to chose between automatic and manual function with the simple flick of a switch. Beginners can easily get a sense of accomplishment while they learn to handle the yo-yo in the automatic return mode. As their skills increase, they can switch to manual mode for longer, faster spin times and tricks that are more challenging.

YoYo Diameter 60.2mm
YoYo Width 35.9mm
YoYo Weight 68.4 grams
YoYo Material Plastic
YoYo Bearing Smart Switch Auto-Return System
YoYo Response Starburst