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Werrd Hour2k13 Yo-Yo

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Brand Werrd

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The next redesign of the Werrd HOUR Yo-Yo saw some minor modifications to an already beastly machine. Werrd tweaked the width, making the new HOUR just ever so slightly wider, adjusted the response by making minor modifications to pad depth, and response position and tweaked the weight distribution. We think it plays even better than the original.

While some yo-yo designs in this price range tend to sacrifice design elements or looks the HOUR goes all out. Choices were all made based with an extreme focus on play, performance, and appearance. The Werrd HOUR is meant to be a killer in the metal yo-yo market and is ready for a challenge.

The 2K13 HOUR is slightly wider than its predecessor and with subtle adjustments to the rim weight, response and the axle system the improvements match its bright new color combinations.

Important: this is an unresponsive modern performance yo-yo. Unlike classic yo-yos, unresponsive yo-yos do not come back with a simple tug of the string. You need to perform a trick called a "bind" to create enough friction inside the yo-yo to make it return smoothly to your hand. Learn more.


Weight (g): 66.7
Diameter (mm): 59.9
Width (mm): 40.8
Bearing Size: Centre Trac Large (Size C)
Response: Slim Pad
Bind: Yes