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Spinworthy Harbinger

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NOTE: all our yoyos and products are at least for ages 8+ Years (some are 14+ years!) - see top of product description for age rating!

Brand Spinworthy

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The Harbinger is the first release from Adelaide based manufacturer, Spinworthy and is designed and handmade for the latest fixed axle tricks.

Modern fixed axle play is a relatively new and challenging style that offers the wonderfully tactile sensation of responsive wooden yoyoing - there's nothing quite like it!

With it's classic butterfly curved rims and and tapered inner walls, the Harbinger provides excellent control throughout stalling, flipping and looping based tricks. The gap and response is also tuned well for those wanting to try the ultimate challenge of performing long 1A string tricks on a fixed axle. Pulling off a 'Superman' or 'Rancid Milk' is very rewarding and sure to impress your yoyoing friends!

If you are new to modern fixed axle yoyoing, begin by checking out the tutorial videos in the link below from one of the founders of modern fixed axle play; Ed Haponik.

Click here to view the list of Ed Haponik's fixed axle tutorials!

If aluminium ball bearing yoyos are getting a little stale for you, this may just be the thing to spark your enthusiasm for yoyoing again.

Please note, the Harbinger is NOT designed to be taken apart. Attempting to do so will either cause the halves to come loose or damage/snap the axle. If you do get a knot near the axle, use a safety pin or any thin long needle to hook the knot and remove it.

Any type of string may be used, but polyester strings will wear faster than cotton or 50/50 string. It's vital to regularly check string wear near the axle of the yoyo.

YoYo Diameter 57mm (approx)
YoYo Width 32mm (approx)
YoYo Weight Varies (see dropdown choices)
YoYo Material Wooden (Merbau or Myrtle Beech)
YoYo Bearing Wooden Fixed Axle
YoYo Response Dimples