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YoYoFactory Heist (UNDERSIZE) Yo-Yo

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Brand YoYoFactory

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Made in the USA!

Taking the idea of a 'pocket yoyo' to a whole new level, the Heist packs an amazing level of performance in a size that you can literally take with you wherever you go.

First, the stainless steel construction is so dense that you get all of the weight necessary for long spins and full combos. Next, the full-sized Size A Center Trac ball bearing keeps the string centered and provides an effortless playing experience.

Finally, the size is small and slim enough to fit in your pocket, but designed to handle any and all modern tricks while being comfortable and fun for daily use.

NOTE: you do NOT need a special string for the Heist - you can use any yoyo string you wish!

If you loved the Mighty Flea, then you are going to love the Heist!

YoYo Diameter 40 mm
YoYo Width 26.03 mm
YoYo Weight 62 grams
YoYo Material Stainless Steel
YoYo Bearing Size A (Small)
YoYo Response YYF Small Size