YoYoFactory Sky Dancer (Offstring) Yo-Yo

$52.95 AUD

Brand YoYoFactory

In 2020 YoYoFactory set out to identify Wing Commanders for their 'FLIGHT CLUB'!

Talented off string players who supported their desire to spread the 4A competitive style and off string yo-yo play. They found talent far and wide and found so much more!

In China YYF connected with Pisco Ouyang. Pisco is a competitor, innovator, designer and 4a master. He had been producing his own yo-yos under the G-MIX label. YoYoFactory have been Pisco fans for a while and when he approached them with the idea of putting one of his designs in a broader market they LOVED the idea.

YoYoFactory have worked on a LOT of off string design and straight away this had MAGIC!

YoYo Diameter 76.97 mm
YoYo Width 58.96 mm
YoYo Weight 75.2 grams
YoYo Material Plastic
YoYo Bearing CBC Large (Size C)
YoYo Response CBC Large Slim Pads (19mm OD)