Top Yo Creater (Beginner Metal) Yo-Yo

$24.95 AUD

Brand Top Yo

The Creater from Top Yo was designed as a beginner's metal throw!  It comes stock with a thin bearing for responsive (beginner) play, but can be upgraded easily with the INCLUDED 12mm axle and C-size bearing.  This will turn it into a super-fun unresponsive throw! 

With its simple shape, and smooth style, this is a great throw for someone wanting a metal responsive yoyo!

NOTE: when we say beginner's metal throw, it is for someone who is already proficient with a plastic yoyo but wants to move into metal yoyos.  This is an ideal first metal yoyo for proficient players.

Also note that this latest batch of Creater yoyos does not have any plastic on the box - ie. there is no window, it is just empty.

YoYo Diameter 55 mm
YoYo Width 38 mm
YoYo Weight 66.5 grams
YoYo Material Aluminium
YoYo Bearing Size C Bearing (thin) + full width C size bearing
YoYo Response 19mm OD Slim Pads